Rowen White

Sierra Seeds

Rowen White is a Seed Keeper and farmer from the Mohawk community of Akwesasne and a passionate activist for indigenous seed and food sovereignty. She is the director and founder of Sierra Seeds an organic seed stewardship organization focusing on local seed and education, based in Nevada City, California.

"Seed Saving: Stewarding Culturally Diverse and Endangered Crops"

  • The future of foodways with seed stewardship and food sovereignty
  • The core problems that need to be healed within our food system
  • How our relationship with seeds can provide renewed hope, purpose, and identity
  • How seed preservation can impact the health of people consuming food
  • How people can learn to save their own seeds in the Seed Seva educational courses
  • A revival in seed stewardship among the next generation
  • How people can take part in the seed revolution