Precious Phiri

Regeneration International

Precious Phiri is a member of the Regeneration International (RI) steering committee and also serves as RI’s Africa coordinator. She recently founded an organization called EarthWisdom a network, which she formed immediately after her full time nine-year career with Savory hub in Zimbabwe. Her vast experience in education and mobilizing communal populations and implementing institutions in Zimbabwe and Africa in restorative farming programs using Holistic Land and Livestock Management (HLLM) is the force behind her network. Her work currently focuses on training rural communities and collaborating with networks in Africa to reduce poverty, rebuild soils, and restore food and water security for people, livestock and wildlife.

"Regeneration International: Restoring Food and Water Security"

  • Facilitating farmers' transition to regenerative agriculture and land management in Africa
  • How Precious Phiri began teaching regenerative farming and holistic land management
  • The ancestral relationships and stories that inform modern holistic land management
  • Finding hope for a revival of ancient farming traditions despite modern industrialization
  • Why it is vital to keep the soil covered with plant life and grasses
  • How the new interactive tool of the Regenerative Farm Map can help people