Dan Kittredge

Executive Director, Bionutrient Food Association & The Bionutrient Institute

For more than a decade, Dan Kittredge has been teaching his concepts and practices as an organic farmer across the world.

In 2010, he founded The Bionutrient Food Association with a singular, simplistic vision; “increasing quality in the food supply.” This resonating message has filled workshops and speaking engagements with farmers and consumers alike hungry for answers. Expanding upon these concepts is the BFA flagship event, the annual Soil and Nutrition Conference now in its tenth year.

"Increasing Nutrient-Density in the Food Supply"

  • How the Bionutrient Food Association started.
  • What is the Bionutrient Meter and how does it work? 
  • New discoveries about crop nutrient variation in the food supply. 
  • What are the most beneficial growing methods to improve nutrient density? 
  • The importance of the epigenetics of seeds. 
  • What seed companies are recommended?
  • How to get involved with the Bionutrient Association.