Charles Dowding

Market Gardener, Writer, Teacher

Charles Dowding is one of the leading authorities of the no-dig gardening movement of modern times. He has been gardening for 40 years, is the author of 10 books, and operates a market garden at Homeacres in Great Britain. He is an international speaker who shares knowledge through writing, videos, and teaching courses on no-dig gardening.

"No-Dig Gardening: Growing Food in Partnership with Nature"

  • Charles Dowding’s new book, No Dig: Nurture Your Soil to Grow Better Veg with Less Effort
  • Results of 10-year-long "dig verses no-dig" trial beds
  • How gardeners can pick fresh produce every day of the year 
  • Five ways to break down wood chips for garden mulch
  • The characteristics of the best wood chips to use in a garden 
  • How to use wood chips for pathways, compost heaps, beds, and kindling.
  • How to create the best homemade compost
  • Why No-Dig Gardening can transform the planet and human health