Nathan Crane

Conquering Cancer

Nathan Crane is a natural health researcher and holistic cancer coach. He is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, Amazon #1 bestselling author and 20x award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Nathan is also the Director of the Health and Healing Club, President of the Holistic Leadership Council, Producer of the Conquering Cancer Summit, Host of the Conquering Cancer Documentary Series, and Director and Producer of the award winning documentary film, Cancer; The Integrative Perspective.

With more than 15 years in the health and wellness field as a researcher and advocate, Nathan has reached millions of people around the world with his inspiring messages of hope and healing.

"The Connection Between Cancer and Lifestyle"

  • Why Nathan Crane created the Docuseries "The Search for Sustainability"
  • The best practices for a regenerative organic food growing system
  • Why processed foods, toxins, and chemicals cause DNA breakdown
  • The best foods for preventing cancer
  • The unknown causes of cancer.