Paul Gautschi

Gardener and Arborist

Paul Gautschi is an arborist and gardener based in Washington. Paul’s regenerative organic gardening method mimics the way the natural forest generates healthy, resilient, fertile soil. The technique is simple -- cover the soil. Then practice these growing principles: No tilling. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. No matter the soil condition or climate, the results are astounding and the benefits to the health of the soil, humankind, and the environment are unprecedented.

BACK TO EDEN is an 85-minute documentary film that shares the incredible story of Paul and his lifelong journey learning how to get back to the garden of Eden. The documentary, streaming online for free, has received over 50 million views in every country in the world. The film ignited a world-renowned regenerative organic gardening movement that regenerates the soil and restores soil biodiversity which results in higher yields with less input, all while sequestering carbon.

Paul Gautschi

"How To Grow a Back to Eden Garden"

  • The secret benefits of growing plants under your fruit trees in an orchard.
  • How to plant vegetables in a wood chip mulched orchard. 
  • What organic mulch Paul Gautschi covers his orchard with and how thick
  • How to maintain healthy soil in a Back to Eden orchard.
  • The negative impacts of tilling and disturbing the soil.
  • Why Paul never uses synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.
  • How exposure to Agent Orange influenced Paul's dedication to growing his own organic, chemical-free food.
  • Why covering the soil is so important and the benefits of covering the soil.
  • Why wood chips are a premium organic regenerative medium for soil health.
  • How arborist wood chips compare to other mulches for organic gardening.
  • How Back to Eden gardening saves time, saves money, saves labor.
  • The best way to start and maintain a Back to Eden garden.
  • What exactly does Paul Gautschi cover the soil in his vegetable garden with.
  • Growing vegetables using coarse arborist wood chips versus composted and screened wood chips.
  • How to plant seeds in a Back to Eden garden.
  • How Back to Eden gardening reduces the labor of weed control and pest control.
  • How Back to Eden Gardening dramatically conserves water in times of drought.
  • What goes into Paul's chicken run and what comes out.
  • Why it is so important for people to grow their own nutrient-dense food.
  • How Back to Eden Film ignited a global gardening movement.
  • How to visit Paul Gautschi's gardens and orchards for a free tour.